Welcome to the capital of the Dominican Republic

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The capital is home to the first cathedral and the first castle in America. It is one of the first cities where the Spanish colony settled. It is one of the most vibrant capitals in the entire Caribbean, the joy of its people and the culture are worth visiting every corner.

A sample of the wonders that you will experience with this experience, getting to know the first city in America, its natural resources, buildings such as La Primada de América among other attractions.


  • Three Eyes Park: It is a cavern that has a freshwater lake, naturally divided into three lakes that can only be seen from inside and a single lake that can be seen without having to be inside. The name of the park is derived from the eye shape seen in the three interior lakes; it is believed that the cave was frequented by ancient Spanish aborigines.
  • Colonial Zone: the colonial city is the oldest urban center of the city of Santo Domingo, the colonial city was the first permanent European settlement in America. founded in 1502 by the Spanish conquistadors. The main streets that make up the appreciated heritage are the streets of Conde, Las Damas and Mercedes.
  • Columbus Lighthouse Museum: it is a Dominican monument and museum built in honor of Christopher Columbus, discoverer of the New World. The Colon lighthouse is a monumental work of pharaonic proportions, the colossal symbol of an era. This large building in the shape of a Latin cross. In addition to the museum, the Colon lighthouse shows the rich cultural identity of the places that, since the 15th century, have been linked to the history and discovery of America. With 50 rooms of the museum, all of them connected to the central corridor of the enormous cross represent more than 40 countries from all corners of the world through all kinds of treasures or other pieces of historical and cultural value.
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